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Bond America ~ Ultimate Sweater Machine

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If you have trouble setting up or knitting on your Ultimate Sweater Machine, follow the suggestions below. 
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Setting Up Your Machine:

Use the non-skid mat on any flat surface, but be sure not to pull down on the hem as you set up. Or, if you want to use the clamps, be sure to use a flat surface with a "true" bottom, similar to a piece of hardwood board. One of the long pre-cut shelves available at hardware stores and home centers is a good choice.  I can't stress enough that it is very very important to have your machine on a perfectly flat surface.

Be sure not to screw the clamps on too tightly. This could raise the back of the bed and cause the needles to go out of alignment.

Be sure there are no raised retainer bars across the bed. These are the green bars that hold in the needles. If any are raised slightly you can push them down with your finger or use a small hammer with fabric or rubber as protection to tap them down into place.

Do not bear down on the carriage or it could be difficult to knit. Just hold down the handle enough to keep the keyplate in place.

USM Attributes:

Comes with 4 keyplate sizes to match every size hand knitting needle size from 6 to 10 1/2.
Comes with 100 needles, so you can make up to 52" circumference sweater using chunky weight yarn. 

You can use hand knitting patterns from information provided with each machine.
Extendable—make an even larger sweater or afghan with one or more
Extension Kits—you can even join two Ultimate Sweater Machines together!

Knits yarns from sport weight through chunky weight.
Knits fancy yarns from pencil roving through textured bouclé yarns, in all fibers.
Made of high quality polymer used in aircraft.
Resulting knitted fabric looks as if it had been made by a professional hand knitter.
"Bond" and "Sweater Machine" names are highly recognized and respected for quality needlecraft tools, especially easy-to-learn and high quality knitting machines.
No prior knowledge of knitting is required.
Free detailed instructional video on all the basic techniques and doing fancy stitches comes with each machine.
The Sweater Machine is ideal for crocheters who can add knitting to their crocheted pieces, or sewers, who can now knit as fast as they can sew.


  1. Urgently in need of a row counter for my Incredible Sweater Machine

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  3. Hi. I picked up this classic Bond knitting machine. I had one years ago. It is missing key plate 2 is there any where in the u.k I can obtain spares?
    Your help would be Most appreciated.

  4. I have an extra, pay for postage and it’s yours!

  5. I have need of help though, what can you use under the needles if your foam has disintegrated?

    1. There are videos on YouTube that show how to replace the sponge bar.

  6. Does anyone know where, in the USA, you can buy replacement parts? I need a hem (I have the rods) and a #3 keyplate.