Saturday, February 2, 2019

Making Lace - Book for manual lace stitches & patterns

Hand manipulating stitches for Lace knitting!

A great reference for making Lace on your USM.  If you hand knit and are familiar with knitting with charts then this will be easy for you.  If you aren't a chart knitter, like me, I need to be able to at-a -glance look at what each symbol means.  This book not only has all the symbols and what they mean to a hand-knitter but then how to perform them on a knitting machine.  There are a ton of lace patterns (charts) as well.
This was posted on another site, I do not know it's author but assuming it is safe to post here.  Here is the link to the book, you can download and print from there.

Lace for manual machine knitting



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