Sunday, September 23, 2018

Baby Hazel shawl collar sweater - free USM Pattern

Hazel's Shawl
Collar Sweater 
designed by Cari Clement
Level of difficulty: beginner

SIZES: One size 
FINISHED CHEST MEASUREMENT: 18" 12” x 11” x 4” after felting

MATERIALS: Ultimate Sweater Machine®
2, 50g/1.76-oz balls of Caron International’s Bliss (60% acrylic 40% nylon) in #0003 Ruby Red;
J crochet hook; #11/8mm hand knitting needles.

Using USM/ISM KP#4 in st st: 13 sts and 20 rows = 4” 

STITCH PATTERN (collar only)
Garter stitch (hand knit every row) 

  • Using KP4 & MY, closed-edge CO 30 sts.  COR. Set RC to 000.
  • K 16 R.  Place marker each end for armhole edge.
  • Work even until RC = 34.  COR.
  • With separate length of MY, BO center 16 sts.
  • Place markers at both sides of work for underarm.
  • Push the 7 ndls on LHS up to HP and work RHS first.
  • K 20 R.  Do not break off MY, but push these 7 ndls to HP.
  • Push 7 ndls from opposite side back to FWP.   
  • With second ball MY, K 20 R.  COR.
  • Remove MY from carriage and move carriage to RHS.
  • Using MY still attached to LHS, closed-edge CO center 16 sts.  Break off, leaving a 6” end and attach clip to yarn end.
  • Thread carriage with yarn from RHS and K 18 R.
  • Place markers at both sides of work for underarm.
  • K til RC = 34.
  • BO across.
  • Bring forward 23 ndls to HP and pick up as many sts bet underarm markers.
  • With MY, knit, dec 1 st each end every 10 rows 3 times: 17 sts.  RC = 30.
  • K 2 R more and BO loosely across.
SHAWL COLLAR (hand knitted)
  • With hand knitting needles, cast on 16 sts.
  • Work even in garter stitch until pc meas 14”.  BO across.
  • Sew side and sleeve seams.
  • Pin one edge of collar along one side front edge, around back of neck (easing in stitches) and opposite side front.  Sew on collar.
  • Weave in all loose ends.
  • Work one row SC around sleeve edge and lower sweater edge

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