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Jumbo Christmas Stocking - Free USM Pattern

Jumbo Christmas Stocking

Level of Difficulty: intermediate

Approximately 24" from top edge to heel

MATERIALSUltimate Sweater Machine®
Two 3-oz skeins red worsted yarn; one 3-oz skein white; few yards black and green; very small amount brown; ten 4mm silver beads; 5/8" plastic star; H crochet hook.

The stocking is knit from the top down then the top of the foot is knit, then the toe, then the bottom of the foot, then the heel. As you read this it may sound somewhat confusing, but, trust us, it works. 

With WY, CO 74 sts. With red, K 6 R. Break off. With red, K 16 R. As described in your Pattern Book for Beginners (bunting pattern, instructions for making a casing), lift up the sts from the first R MY up onto the working needles so there are 2 sts on each needle. K 8 R. Break off red and thread carriage with white. As you knit the stripes, dec 1 st each end every 14 R 3 X: 68 sts. *With white, K 14 R. Break off white and K 14 R red.* Repeat between *'s until you have completed 4 stripes of white. COR.
SHAPE TOP OF FOOT: Break off white. Remove 17 sts on both LHS and RHS onto WY or spare circular needle. Knit on center 34 sts only. Adjust weights. With red, K 14 R. Break off red and thread carriage with white. K 14 R. Break of white and thread carriage with red.
SHAPE TOE: You will now be learning how to do "short rows." You may need additional small weights for doing this. You will be building up rows in the center of your work, which will need the additional weighting, while the side needles are gradually put in HP. The you reverse this process. COR> K1 R. Push last needle on LHS up to HP. K 1 R. (The yarn will loop around the needle in HP.) COR. Push last needle on RHS to HP. K 1 R. COL. Push next needle beside needle in HP up to HP. K 1 R. COR. Repeat for RHS. Continue in this manner until there are only 10 sts in WP. Now reverse the process: COR. Push last needle put into HP on LHS back into FWP, making sure the latch is open. K 1
R. Continue this manner until all the needles are in WP. COR

UNDERSIDE OF FOOT: Break off red and thread carriage with white. K 14 R. Break off white and thread carriage with red. K 14 R.
SHAPE HEEL: Work same as for toe. When shaping complete, break off red, laving a 2-ft length. K 6 R WY. Remove from machine.
Finishing: This may look like a confusing bit of knitting, before you assemble the stocking. Sew back seam of stocking. Bring the sections with WY attached (lower back of stocking to upper part of heel) together and graft together (see illustration). Brigs stripes of top and top of foot together and sew. (There will be a sew along each side of foot.)
LOOP AT TOP: With red and crochet hook, ch 22. Turn. Sc in each ch 1. Break off and secure to top back of stocking.
EMBROIDERY: Following chart, select lettering to embroider (5 letter maximum, unless you make them smaller). Work duplicate stitch in black across first white stripe. Following chart for working embroidery for tree, work over center of next white stripe. Do the same for the three wreaths on the third white stripe. Make three small bows from red and glue to bottom of the wreaths. Glue star to top of the tree and beads scattered on tree.

*Here is the chart for the alphabet


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