Thursday, January 18, 2018

Assembling 2 Ultimate Sweater Machines together

For those of you wanting a larger needle bed, If you plan to purchase three or more Extension Kits, you may want to consider just purchasing an additional Ultimate Sweater Machine. There are many used ones available for purchase on Ebay, Craigslist, etc., and you’d then have two carriages, etc. for doing other fancy stitches.

To Assemble 2 machines together....

Wire cutters
Piece of felt or cloth
Table at least 72" long (bed will extend a bit off the ends) or flat piece of wood at least this long clamped to a table.

1. Disassemble the first machine (B) (see illustration below) into two halves.
2. Turn each half of the second machine upside down.
3. Using the wire cutters, snip off the "push fit" (the small metal disk holding the metal rod to the endcap) from the metal rod at each end of each bed half and remove the endcaps.
4. Slide the metal rod so it just clears the hole in the last module. Now join the first bed half (B) with the second bed half (A) with bolt. (You may keep the rod from moving by clamping it or wrapping with a rubber band.) Repeat this for the second bed half.
5. Join the two "mega-halves" in the center with bolt.
6. Clamp the machine to the table.
7. With the felt or fabric held to protect the plastic, using the pliers, pull up the two green retainer bars where the empty slots are between beds #1 and #2.
8. Also pull up the retainer bars covering the end 10 needles at each end of the long bed.
9. Replace the empty needle sections where the beds join with the ten needles from each end of the bed.
10. Snap the retainer bars back in place.

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