Thursday, January 18, 2018


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Frequently asked questions:

1. How Large Can I knit on the Ultimate Sweater Machine?
Up to a size XL (50" circumference using 4-ply knitting worsted weight yarn). If you need a larger size, you can purchase one or more Extension Kits and make your machine as large as you want. You can even bolt two Sweater Machines together. See instructions HERE

2. How many needles come in the Ultimate Sweater Machine?

3. What else comes in the Ultimate Sweater Machine kit?
The machine comes with:
1. Needle bed with 100 needles,
2. Carriage that you push back and forth to create the knitting,
3. 4 keyplates in 6 sizes that you insert into the carriage, like cassettes, that make the loops that create the stitches. You choose the size keyplate based on the type of yarn you are using.
4. Accessory box with all the tools and accessories you need to use your machine.
5. 35-minute instructional video
6. Instruction book loaded with pictures for setting up, knitting and doing fancy stitches.
7. Pattern book with 12 patterns starting with a simple scarf and ending with a set of family sweaters.
8. Even a ball of yarn to get you started.

4. What is the Ultimate Sweater Machine made of?
The body and carriage are made of engineering polymers, the same that are used in aircraft. Other components are hardened steel needles and weights.

5. How long does it take to learn the machine?
To learn the basics, just one evening - or a weekend, if you want to go through the complete instruction book.

6. How long does it take to make a basic sweater or afghan?
You can make an adult sweater or large afghan in two evenings. You can make a child's sweater, smaller afghan or throw in one evening.

7. Can I use hand-knitting patterns?
Yes. Information on how to convert hand knitting patterns for use on the machine are included in the pattern book that comes with your machine.

8. How can I knit garter stitch on a knitting machine? 
Garter stitch requires that you remove your knitting from the machine, flip it over and rehang it on the needles, to do so you need a special tool called a garter bar.  Garter bars can be used not only for garter stitch but also for making specialty stitches, lace, decreases, increases, etc., and makes all of these functions quicker and easier than using a transfer tool.  Garter bars are currently only being manufactured by, the Bond machines require and 8mm size garter bar.  It is advisable to also purchase needlestoppers as well.  Needlestoppers will hold the needles on the machine perfectly still - they will not move side to side or front and back while you maneuver the stitches with your garter bar.  Both Garter bars and Needlestoppers are available HERE.

9. Can I add hand-knitted or crocheted sections to my machine knitted project?
Yes. You can knit the back and sleeves on the machine and hand knit the front. Or you can machine knit part of the front, then take the knitting off the machine and hand knit a yoke. You can do the same for crochet, especially with afghans (edgings, joinings, panels, etc.)

10. Can I get more patterns for my machine?
Yes. Your machine will come with a brochure of other accessories, videos and pattern books that are available for your machine. You can also get free patterns on this website in our PROJECT SECTION.

11. What kinds of yarns can I use on my machine and are there any special types of yarns I need to buy?  You can use between a sport weight and chunky weight yarn. You can also use fancy yarns such as mohair (or brushed yarn) and bouclĂ© as well as different yarns mace from acrylic, cotton, wool, mohair and lots more.

12. What happens if I get stuck and need help? 
Please look under this TROUBLESHOOTING section for resolutions to your problems.  Other sites that may be helpful are Facebook USM Group and there are a couple Ravelry groups.

13. I have an Incredible Sweater Machine, can I use the Ultimate Sweater Machine carriage and accessories on my machine? Yes. All the accessories for the Ultimate Sweater Machine are interchangeable with the Incredible Sweater Machine. Check our online store for tools and accessories.

14. What are the main differences between the Ultimate Sweater Machine, Incredible Sweater Machine and the Bond classic?  The needle bed is the same. The carriage is quite different and incorporates all the “wishes” of Sweater Machine knitters over the years: the front of the carriage is open (no fabric guide) so doing intarsia “on the fly” (as you knit) and other changing of yarn, such as for stripes, is especially easy. The carriage also has a built-in tripper for the row counter. There are six different keyplate sizes to match every size hand knitting needle from a 6 through a 10. The color of the carriage is plum and the keyplates are a transparent green. There’s a new pattern book, instruction book and video and lots of new accessories and pattern books. 

15. Where can I purchase more transfer tools if I should lose mine or buy a used one that is missing them?  The original plastic handled tools are no longer being made.  Kriskrafter makes all metal ones that fit the Bond machines.  The size required is an 8mm.  These are available HERE


  1. I lost my instructions booklet. Where can I download the Ultimate Sweater machine Instructions Book (PDF?). Thanks, Sharon

  2. can you please tell me how long is this machine? I am worried that is not gonna to fit on my table. and I want to buy one ASP.

  3. Where can I find ultimate sweater machine instruction book?

    1. Instruction manuals are freely downloadable here in this website.

  4. Is there anyone in the ft worth tx area that can show me how to use this thing?

    1. I'm in the DFW area also. Would love to meet and work with others in the area!

  5. Which machine are you describing here? What are the differences between the three?

    1. I mean in reply to question number 14! "What are the main differences between the Ultimate Sweater Machine, Incredible Sweater Machine and the Bond classic?£

    2. I want the row counter for the ultimate bond machine

  6. I am trying to work with DK 3ply yarn. Should I use Green keyplate 1?
    Carriage keeps getting stucked.

  7. i am trying to find a video on how to use the intarsia plate??? anyone?