Thursday, January 18, 2018

Textured Collard Vest - Free USM Pattern

For the Ultimate Sweater Machine® 
Textured Collared Vest
designed by Kathy Perry 

Level of Difficulty: Experienced
Dimensional Entrelac
S (M, L)
Bust:  40 (42, 44)"/101.5 (106.5, 112) cm
Back Length: 22"/56 cm
Stitch.Rock.Love. Sheep(ish) (70% Acrylic/30% Wool, 3oz/85g, 167yds/153m)
Shown in: #0002 Gun Metal(ish) 12oz (MY), #0016 Teal(ish) 2oz (A), #0006 Magenta(ish) 2oz (B) (all sizes)

KP 3 or appropriate tension to obtain gauge
Suitable for USM/ISM/Bond Classic or 6.5 to 9 mm knitting machine
Single prong transfer tool
Claw weights
Tapestry needle
Crochet hook H/8 (5mm)
1 1/4 yd ribbon
Sewing needle and matching thread
Embellish Knit!

In Stockinette stitch, 16 sts and 21 rows = 4”/10 cm 
Stockinette st (St st)
Single crochet (sc)
  • Using WY, CO 81 (85, 89) sts. K 6 R. Break off. Change to MY. COR. RC=000.
  • Picot Hem: K10R. Move every other st to adjacent right ndl. Put empty ndls in WP with latches open and K1R. K9R. Hang first row of MYonto ndls and K1R.
  • Shape Sides: Set RC to 000. Dec 1 st each side every 15 (14, 14) R 2 times. Inc 1 st each side every 15 (14, 14) R 2 times. Cont to RC=066 (060, 058).  
  • Shape Armholes: BO 4 sts beg next 2 rows. Dec 1 st each side EOR 5 (7, 8) times - 63 (63, 65) sts.
  • K to RC=102 (102, 102).
  • Shape Shoulders: BO 7 (7, 7) sts next 4 (4, 2) rows, then 0 (0, 8) sts next 0 (0, 2) rows (or put on WY).
  • Put rem 35 (35, 35) sts on WY for Back neck.
  • Using WY, CO 41 (43, 45) sts. K 6 R Break off. Change to MY. COR. RC=000.
  • Picot Hem: Make as for Back.
  • Shape Side: Set RC to 000. Shape left side as for Back.
  • Shape Armhole: Shape armhole as for Back - 32 (32, 33) sts.
  • Shape Neckline: K to RC=092 (092, 092). Put right 9 (9, 9) sts on WY. Dec 1 st at neck edge every row 9 (9, 9) times - 14 (14, 15) sts.
  • K to RC=102 (102, 102), shape shoulder and bind off as for Back.
  • Work second Front with reverse shaping.
  • Using MY and closed CO method, CO 84 sts loosely. COR. RC=000. 
  • Work Tier 1 (beginning tier with 7 triangles).
  • Using A, work Tier 2.
  • Using B, work Tier 3.

  • Using MY, work Finishing Tier. Sew Finishing Tier edges to edges of Tier 3 on WS of Collar.
  • Sew shoulder seams.
  • Sew side seams leaving opening slits at hem. 
  • Steam Collar VERY lightly to shape.
  • Attach Collar: Bring 83 ndls into HP. Hang piece on machine with WS facing front so that 9 sts are hung from right Front WY, 15 sts from right Front neck edge, 35 sts from Back WY, 15 sts from left Front neck edge and 9 sts from left Front WY. Hang collar on top with WS facing front easing to fit evenly on 83 ndls. COR. Put ndls into FWP with latches open and K1R with MY. Bind off using back stitch.
  • Ribbon facing: Wash ribbon to shrink. Iron. Cut 2 pieces to fit Front openings, allowing extra for top and bottom turn under. Using sewing needle and matching thread, tack in place, easing so that knitting is not stretched out of shape.
  • Using MY, work 2 rows single crochet around each armhole.
  • Using MY and Embellish Knit, make a 36" i-cord. (NOTE: Start i-cord with a scrap piece of yarn other than Sheep(ish) so that weights will not break yarn tail. Change to Sheep(ish) when weights can be added to beginning of cord.) Using sewing needle and matching thread, tack i-cord above neckline seam ending with a loop and a knot foll picture. 
  • Weave in ends.

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