Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trouble Shooting

Solutions to common problems:

1. Carriage Jams at the beginning of the row.
Solution #1: Remember the hemis back against the bed at the beginning of the row so the front of the carriage will clear the hem.
Solution #2: Be sure the green stripper plate on the underside of the nose of the carriage runs just below the needles. It is supposed to run just under the needles and slightly raise them as it knits.
Check to see if the yarn has wrapped around one of the green stripper plates on the underside of the carriage. Using your finger, release the yarn from around the plate, pull up the yarn that was caught on the plate and continue to knit the row. To prevent this from happening in the future, be sure to hold the yarn at the beginning of the row before you push the carriage, until you see the first needle begin knitting the yarn.

2. Carriage jams after a few stitches.
Solution: Make sure all needles are in FWP.

3. Carriage jams in the middle of the row, after cast-on row, or after knitting a few rows.
Solution #1: Check to be sure the needles are in FWP and not moved out of line. 
Solution #2: Lift up the handle of the carriage and check to be sure all the needles are either in non-working, working, forward working or holding position. If there is a needle out of line, it can hit on the "bounce bar" on the underside of the keyplate. You will be able to see this through the tinted keyplates.
Solution #3: Do not bear down on the carriage.
Solution #4: If you have a row counter attached to your machine, remove it while you're learning.

4. Carriage jams or drops stitches at the beginning of the row or after you have knitted a row.
Solution: Be sure the last row was knitted completely. You should knit the row until the last needle stops moving or it will be difficult to knit the next row or you can drop stitches.

5. Difficult to knit completely across the row.
Solution #1: Be sure there is enough free yarn coming from the pull-skein. If the yarn is pulling directly out of a new ball or if it gets caught on something on your table, it will be difficult to knit the row.
Solution #2: Do not hold the yarn as you knit.

6. Knitting or hem falls off at the beginning of the row.
Solution: Be sure to hold the yarn at the beginning of the row and to be sure it feeds through the yarn guide in the front of the carriage. If it is pulled out or comes out by not holding it, there is no yarn to feed into the needles and all the stitches will drop.

7. After knitting a few rows, carriage is stuck at the beginning of the row.
Solution: Because by nature, knitting curls toward you at the sides, to make it easier for the carriage to knit the edges, be sure to use the S-hooks and rubber bands, which serve to open out the side edges.. Be sure the knitting is back against the bed and one of the green plates on the underside of the carriage isn't hitting the knitting.

8.  I am having trouble using #1 keyplate, as the needles are positioned a bit forward.
Solution: Until you’ve knitted a few rows, gently push the first few forward needles back to the usual forward working position. Then knit the row. After a few rows, you should be able to knit normally using the #1 keyplate. Also, after a few rows, your knitting will be come easier if you remove one of the weights from each side of the hem. You can use a couple of claw weights to hold down the area where you’ve removed the rod weights – or you can purchase thinner rod weights from your local plumbing supply company.

9. I made a mistake or knitted too many rows.
Solution: Just rip out the mistake row or extra rows. Be sure to unlatch the first stitch, which is usually a bit tighter than the others. See your instructional video on how to rip out a row.  Also, there is such a thing as "speed ripping" you will need a separate tool for doing so called a "needlestopper".  See a great video Speed Ripping Video using a Needlestopper that shows how to perform speed ripping (Shown on a metal knitting machine but is the same for the Ultimate/Incredible Sweater Machines.  you'll love it!).  To purchase the proper size needlestoppers, you will need size 8mm, they are for sale Needlestoppers HERE

10.  Mistake made in the middle of the row and carriage is stuck.
Solution: Lift up the keyplate and slide the carriage back to the beginning of the row. Then rip out the stitches knitted on that row. Push the needles into either working or forward working position. Pull up the loose yarn and knit the row again.

11. I am getting loops over the needles and nothing is knitting.  What's wrong?
Solution: The keyplate is not inserted properly. Be sure the back edge of the keyplate is inserted between the two "shelves" at the back of the carriage. The keyplate will have to be pushed down slightly, but not forced down. Also, be sure not to try to insert the keyplate unless all the needles under the carriage are in non-working position.


  1. I need help. I have started 6 or 7 different items. I get different number of rows done and then the machine starts dropping stitches. I had one piece about 10 inches and then stitches were dropped. What am I doing wrong. I try to pick up the dropped stitch but have a terrible time fixing it. In fact by the time I almost get it fixed I drop more. please help me. I'm getting so frustrated. Just tried the machine again and after three rows it dropped a stitch would not catch the needle. I continued and added another 5 or 6 rows and then it didn't catch another needle next to the first one. Then one more needle did not catch stitch. 3 stitches not caught I tried to fix it but frustration took over. Why do I keep dropping stitches. Help please.

    1. Weights. There needs to be tension on your fabric to allow stitches to form.

  2. What procedure do I use to replace a needle?

    1. you need to remove the section of bar, (red or green bar). YOu can do that by pulling out to holding position, at least three needles under the bar, near the end of the bar, and lift gently, until the bar comes up and then do the same on the other side, so that it comes up evenly. Take out the bad needle, replace it with a good one, then put the red or green bar back on and press it down into place.

  3. As I knit from right to left, the machine runs pretty smoothly, but from left to right, carriage is definitely harder to push and actually feels like it is grinding on the bed. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi, granny. Wax the carriage and see if that helps. I keep the wax disc that came with the machine handy.

  4. Good Morning,

    My wife got the Sweater Machine as a gift from my mother and when we opened it the carriage was not in the box. What should we do? I appreciate your help

    1. Hi, Unknown. They don't produce the machines anymore. Kriskrafter is owner of this site and has the rights to the Bond items. Try messaging her (her name is at the top right of this page) and see if there is something she can do. Your second option, like Neville said, is to purchase a bed. Yard sales, thrift stores, Craigslist and ebay are good places to start.

    2. You might be able to buy one on ebay, the USM has been discontinued, it seems that they are a hot item right now, people are hiking up the prices, but there are still some good deals out there.

  5. I take it that it is the USM, and you are in America ? You should be easily able to buy a spare carriage from an internet site.

  6. I just started using the USM, and my fabric is coming out with the wrong (purl) side facing me. Anyone have any idea why this is happening??

    1. That is the correct way it works. The wrong side shows as you work it. When I get anxious to see the right side I'll sit on the floor and crawl under the table to peek!

  7. I just purchased a row counter for my Bond Incredible Sweater machine. It turns out it needs a Row Counter Tripper Spring. Does anyone know where I can find one? Has anyone ever MADE one?

  8. My husband gave me the USM a few years ago for my birthday. I have had nothing but trouble with it, doesn't catch, doesn't keep from dropping stitches, doesn't hardly move without catching on something on the carraige.... etc.... he paid over $250 at Joann Fabrics and not able to return or get any help. Don't waste your time. I'll stick with crochette, quilting, commercial sewing, tatting, etc......