Thursday, January 18, 2018


See below are some helpful videos for using your Ultimate Sweater Machine: 

(for Incredible Sweater Machine videos specific to that machine click HERE, and one Bond Elite specific video is HERE) but all of the below are useful to all the Bond Machines users.


Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine Infomercial #1

Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine Infomercial #2

Welcome to the Ultimate Sweater Machine

Discover the Ultimate Sweater Machine

Casting On and 1st Row

Tips for casting on and 1st row, with Vickie Howell

What Types of yarn can I use?

What types of yarn can I use - with Vickie Howell

Dropped Stitches Diagnosis

Dropped Stitch Diagnosis - with Vicki Howell

Why is my machine jamming?

Why is my machine jamming? with Vickie Howell

Lesson #2 Setting Up

Lesson #3 Let's start Knitting

Lesson #5 Carriage Tips

Lesson #4 Troubleshooting

Lesson #6 Fixing A Dropped Stitch

Lesson #7 Ripping out a row

Lesson #8 Knitting Edge Stitches

Lesson #10 More Stitchwork

Lesson #11 Increasing

Lesson #12 Decreasing

Lesson #13 More Tips

Lesson #14 Chain Stitch

Lesson #15 Backstitch

Lesson #16 Closed Edge Cast on

Lesson #17 Ribbing

Lesson #18 Lace and Eyelet

Lesson #19 Fairisle

Lesson #20 Cables

Lesson #21 Picture Knitting

Don't give up on your Ultimate Sweater Machine