Friday, October 5, 2018

Golf Club Covers - Free USM Pattern

For the Ultimate Sweater Machine® 
Golf Club Covers

These easy-to-make mitts can be made in school colors or your country club colors. Try adding initials or iron numbers in duplicate stitch, and just have fun! Makes four.

MATERIALSUltimate Sweater Machine®
4-ply worsted weight yarn, one 8-oz or two 31/2-oz skeins (MC); small skein contrasting color in same type yarn (CC); crochet hook; pompon maker (optional).

Make each mitt the same, but indicate its iron number by the number of stripes.

All Mitts: Using a closed-edge, CO 32 sts, leaving a 2-foot length of yarn at the cast-on st. K 30 R. Drop and latch up every third st to form ribbing.
Mitt #1: K 14 R MC, K 2 R CC, K 10 R.
Mitt #2: K 10 R MC, 2 R CC, 2 R MC, 2 R MC, 2 R CC, 10 MC.
Mitt #3: K 8 R MC,*2 R CC,2 R MC *. Repeat between *'s two more times but end with 8 R MC instead of two
Mitt #4: K 6 R MC,*2 R CC, 2 R MC*. Repeat between *'s three more times, but end with 6 R MC instead of two.
All Mitts: Continuing in MC, dec 1 st each end every other row 5 times: 22 sts remain. Place every other stitch on the adjacent needle and push the empty needles back in to NWP. K 1 R. Break off yarn, leaving a 2-foot length. Weave this yarn though sts on needle & remove work from machine.
Sew side seam with yarn at cast-on edge. Draw yarn threaded through sts tightly. Make four small pompons using both colors of yarn. Finish each mitt by sewing on a pompon to the tip.

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