Sunday, January 21, 2018

Beaded Envelope Purse - Free USM Pattern

For the Ultimate Sweater Machine® 
Beaded Envelope Purse 
designed by Kathy Perry 
Level of Difficulty - intermediate

TECHNIQUE USEDBeading with converted stitches 

Approx 9"/23 cm wide x 6"/15 cm deep

Caron International's Simply Soft® (100% acrylic, 6oz/170g, 315yds/288m):3 oz/86gShown in: #9742 Grey Heather 

USM/ISM KP 2.5 or appropriate tension to obtain gauge
Suitable for USM/ISM/Bond Classic or 6.5 to 9 mm knitting machine

50 seed beads (size 2/0)
1/3 yd lining fabric (medium to heavy weight)
¾” snap
Single prong transfer tool
Latch tool
Sewing needle and thread
Claw weights
Yarn needle
Beading needle or dental floss threader

Row counter

In Stockinette stitch with KP 2.5, 17 sts and 22 rows = 4”/10 cm 
Stockinette stitch (St st)
Beading with converted stitches (See technique)
1. Thread all beads on MY.  
2. COR. Using WY, CO 41 sts. K 6 R. Break off. Change to MY.
3. Spiral CO with beads:  
    a. Starting on the LHS, place a slip knot on the 1st ndl and knit it through the WY.
               b. Place the yarn under and over the 2nd ndl and knit a st through the WY.
    c. Return to the 1st ndl, place the yarn under and over the ndl and knit through the st.  
    d. Place the yarn under and over the 3rd ndl and knit a st. 
    e. Return to the 2nd ndl, place the yarn under and over the ndl and knit through st. 
    f. Slide down a bead. 
    g. Repeat Steps b-f, placing the yarn under and over the second ndl to the right and under and over the skipped needle to the left. There will be one bead placed after every 4th worked stitch (a bead at every other ndl.)

h. Put ndls in FWP with latches open to work first row of pat st.

4. Flap: Follow Flap chart to RC=018. (NOTE: Last row worked is a turning ridge row.) 
5. Sides and body: K 1 R. Inc 7 sts beg next 2 R - 55 sts. K to RC=083.
6. BO.
1. Weave in ends
2. Fold sides of purse to inside and tack down using needle and thread.
3. Lining. Open flap so purse is one straight piece. Cut lining the size of the purse, allowing 1/2" extra on all sides. Turn the 1/2" lining allowance to wrong side and iron down. Pin lining to purse with wrong sides together and tack using needle and thread. 
4. Fold up bottom of purse so that BO edge touches turning ridge row of Flap. Seam purse sides.
5. Block very lightly if needed.

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