Friday, September 28, 2018

Cabled Camisole and Skirt - Free USM Patterns

For the Ultimate Sweater Machine® 
"The Blues"
Camisole & Skirt

Level of Difficulty - Easy

Finished Bust Measurements: Camisole: 34 (36, 38)”
Finished Hip Measurements: Skirt: 36 (38, 40)”
MATERIALS: Ultimate Sweater Machine®
Sirdar’s Tropicana Cotton Effect DK (100% acrylic, 3.5 oz/100 g, 262 yds) Denim #718; Camisole 1 (1, 2) balls; G/6 (4 mm) crochet hook; Skirt: 2 (2, 3) balls; 1 yd, 1” wide elastic 
Using USM/ISM #1 kp in st st: 20.5 sts and 26 rows=4”/10 cm
Camisole: Cable Patterns using 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 cables (see front for details), converted sts
 2 each of 1-prong and 2-prong transfer tools.
Skirt: Claw or knitting weights; 3-prong transfer tool
Needles Required:
Camisole: 90 (94, 102) Skirt: 92 (94, 102)

Camisole Back
1. COR. With WY, CO 87 (93, 97) sts. K 6 R. Break off.
2. Change to MY and K 83 (89, 93) R. COL.
Top Ribbing
3. Insert latch tool in second st from edge 4 R below and unravel to tool.
4. Latch up from rib.
5. Skip next st. Drop and latch up next st as for steps 3 & 4.
6. Repeat step 5 across.
7. BO across in backstitch.
Bottom Ribbing
8. COL. Bring forward 87 (93, 97) ndls to HP and pick up as many sts from the first R MY.
9. K 4 R. Convert sts as for Top Ribbing. BO in backstitch.
1. COR. With WY, CO 92 (98, 102) sts. K 6 R. Break off.
2. Change to MY and work as for back, but work the center 18 sts in cable pattern either from chart or as follows: (Note that stitch/needle numbers are written starting left to center. After establishing the converted sts from Row 1, you may want to wait to convert sts until you have knitted approximately 20 more rows.)
Row 1: K 1 R. COL.
a. Convert st 9 on the LHS of “0” to a K st.
b. Remove sts 7 and 8 onto two 1-prong tools.
c. Place st 7 on ndl 8 and st 8 on needle 7: LHS cross.
d. Convert st 6.
e. Work LHS cross over sts 5 and 4.
f. Convert st 3.
g. Leave sts 2 and 1 on LHS of 0 and sts 1 and 2 on RHS of 0 as they are.
h. Repeat steps f-a above for sts 3-9 on RHS.
Rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10: K.
Row 3: Rep Row 1, but also work a 4 st cable over the center 4 sts: Using your 2-prong tools, remove center 4 sts onto the 2-prong tools and place the 2 sts on the RHS tool onto two empty needles on the LHS and the 2 sts on the LHS onto the two empty needles on the RHS.
Rows 5, 7, 9: Repeat Row 1. Repeat Rows 3-10 for patt st.
3. Continue with established patt over center 18 sts until same length as Back. RC=83 (89, 93)
4. Work Top and Bottom Ribbings as for Back.
5. BO across in backstitch.
Sew side seams.
1. Measure in 5 (5 1/2, 6)” from side seams along top edge of front of camisole and place marker.
2. Rep for back.
3. Attach yarn at one end of marker on front and crochet a 10” long chain, attaching it to the corresponding marker along back edge.
4. Turn and work 1 sc in each existing sc to front marker. Break off and secure.
5. Rep for second strap.

Skirt Back
1. COR. With WY, CO 74 (78, 84) sts. K 6 R. Break off. RC=000
2. Change to MY and K 14 R. COR.
3. Make casing for elastic: Insert 1- or 3- prong transfer tool in first st(s) of first row of MY and lift these sts up onto the corresponding ndl 14 rows above. Continue until all sts of first row of MY have been lifted onto ndls.
4. Continue knitting, increasing 1 st each end every 6 R 9 times: 92 (96, 102) sts. RC=68.
5. K to RC=214 (220, 226).
6. Insert latch tool in second st from edge and 6 rows down. Unravel st to latch tool and latch up from rib. Skip next st. Repeat across row, converting every other stitch. BO in backstitch.
Work as for back.
Sew side seams and casings, leaving one end open. Cut elastic to fit and thread through casing. Stitch elastic to overlap 1/2”. Sew remaining casing closed.

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