Sunday, September 23, 2018

Felted Tote - Free USM Pattern

For the Ultimate Sweater Machine® 
Felted Tote
designed by Linda Burt of
KangaMoo Knits

Level of difficulty: beginner
SIZES: One size 
FINISHED MEASUREMENTS:12” x 11” x 4” after felting

MATERIALS: Ultimate Sweater Machine®
Brown Sheep Company Lamb's Pride Worsted (85% wool, 15% mohair; 4oz/113g; 190yd/173m): 2 skeins M-28 Chianti (A); 1 skein M-56 Clematis (B)Brown Sheep Company, Inc. Lamb’s Pride Handpaint Originals (70% mohair, 30% wool, 1.75oz/50g, 88yd/81m):
1 skein HP-90 Stormy Skies (C)
1 Button
ADDITIONAL MATERIALS: USM/ISM KP#3 and #4; one-prong transfer tool
GAUGE: Using KP#4 or appropriate tension setting, in st st with either yarn: 14 sts and 18 R=4"/10 cm
Stockinette stitch (st st): Knit side = RS
  • COL. Using KP#3 and WY, CO 60 sts. K 6 R. Break off. Reset RC=000.
  • Change to C. K 10 R.
  • Upper edge: With transfer tool, pick up first loop of first R of C and hang on first ndl; rep from * across for rem sts/ndls [2 sts on ea ndl]. Reset RC=000.
  • Change to KP#4 and A. K to RC=070. Reset RC=000.
  • Change to B. K to RC=045. Reset RC=000.
  • Change to A. K to RC=070. Reset RC=000.
  • Change to KP# 3 and C. K 10 R.
  • Upper edge: * Insert transfer tool 10 R down into first st of first R of C, place on first ndl; rep from * for rem sts/ndls [2 sts on ea ndl].
  • K 1 R.
  • BO.
HANDLES (Make 2)
  • Using KP#4, closed CO method and B, CO 7 sts. RC=000.
  • K to RC=100.
  • BO all sts.
  • Using KP#4, closed CO method and B, CO 30 sts. RC=000.
  • K to RC=35.
  • BO all sts loosely.
  • Using KP#3, closed CO method and C, CO 34 sts. RC=000.
  • K 6 R.
  • Shape Flap: Dec 1 st ea side EOR until 4 sts rem.
  • BO.
  • Stitch pocket to one side of Tote, with lower edge of pocket 2” above beg of B section, centered. 
  • Stitch flap above pocket.
  • Stitch handles to Tote, beg 4” below upper edge, and lining up with edges of pocket. Note: The center section of the handles will curl in when felted to form sturdy handles.
  • Fold Tote in half, RS's facing; whip st sides tog.
  • Turn Tote RS out. 
  • Bring bottom points of Tote up to where the colors meet and tack in place to form a gusset.
  • It is strongly recommend that the Tote be placed in a pillowcase and tie it closed, before putting it into the washing machine. 
  • Set the washer to low wash and hot water.
  • Add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid; run through wash cycle.
  • Before water drains, stop machine and check Tote.
  • Reset washer and cont washing, if necessary, until felted sufficiently, then drain and spin.
  • Remove Tote from pillowcase.
  • Dry Tote by placing over a form, such as a box of desired size and shape.
BUTTONHOLEWhen dry, cut a hole in the flap to accommodate the button; sew button onto pocket opposite buttonhole.


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