Friday, October 5, 2018

Fabulous Skinny Scarf (EASY!) - Free USM Pattern

For the Ultimate Sweater Machine® 
Skinny Scarf 
designed by Cari Clement

Level of difficult: Easy
SIZES: One size

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: Appx 2” x 110” excluding fringe (the scarf is wrapped around your neck a few times, hence the long length)

Ultimate Sweater Machine®
1 ball Caron International's Fabulous (100% Nylon; 160 yards/146m 1.76 oz. ball): 1 ball #0003 Misty Violet
H crochet hook for attaching fringe

Not important, but use a #2 setting on the Intarsia Keyplate 

  1. Using an e-wrap, cast on 21 stitches. 
  2.  Manually knit the first row.  
  3. Using the intarsia technique, knit until RC = 200.  (Tip – as you knit, if any of the stitches do not knit, be sure to fix them before knitting the next row.  This is usually caused by an errant “ladder” catching on the needle, but if you don’t fix it, the needle will not kit more rows.)  
  4. Using the 1-prong tool, move the stitches on the needles into the hooks of the needles (so they don’t drop when you pull down on the knitting). 
  5. Drop every other stitch STARTING AT THE EDGE STITCHES.  (This prevents the edges from being too tight.)  Bind off the stitches on the needles loosely. Continue unraveling the stitches to the hem.  
Wind Fabulous around a 9” wide book or piece of cardboard 36 times.  Cut along one end.  On each end of the scarf, make 3 fringes of 6 strands of yarn.

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