Friday, October 5, 2018

Snowman Toy - Free USM Pattern

For the Ultimate Sweater Machine® 
Snowman Toy

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Approximately 13" with hat

MATERIALSUltimate Sweater Machine®
Two 3-oz skeins in white worsted yarn (MY); one 40-gram ball sport weight glitter yarn in green (color A); few yards of sport weight red yarn (color B); one square black felt; polyester stuffing; H crochet hook; fabric glue.
NOTEA basic knowledge of crochet is required to make base. Ch= chain; sc= single crochet
Using a closed-edge, with MY CO 76 sts, leaving a 2-ft length of yarn. K 50 R. Remove MY from carriage but do not break off. Thread carriage with WY & K 6 R. Break off MY & remove work from machine.
Bring forward 38 needles to HP & hang sts from last R MY onto these needles, placing 2 sts on each needle. K 32 R. Break off MY leaving an 18" length. Thread this yarn through the loose sts on the needles and remove work from the machine. With the length of MY at the cast-on edge, sew seam up body and head and secure. At top of head draw MY that is threaded through the loose sts tightly and secure. Stuff head. Where head joins body, with MY threaded into tapestry needle, make running stitches around neck and draw together to form more defined separation between head and body. Stuff body.
ARMS (make 2)Using a closed edge, with MY CO 20 sts. K 34 R. BO across. Fold in half lengthwise. Sew hand ends and along long seam, stuffing as you sew.
With MY and crochet hook, ch 3 and join to form ring. Ch1. Round 1: work 2 sc in top of next sc. Work 3 in top of each of the rem ch around. Join with slip st to top of first sc. Ch 1. Round 2: work 1 sc in top of next sc. *Work 1 sc in top of next sc. Work 2 sc in top of next sc.* Rep bet *'s around. Join to ch 1 with slip st. Ch 1. Rounds 2, 3, 4 etc,: rep round 2, until diameter is 6". Fasten off. Sew body to base, adding stuffing as you sew. Sew arms to body at sides 4 rows down from where head joins the body. 
HAT (knit from top down)
Using color A, KP #2 and open-edge, CO 58 sts, leaving a 12" end of yarn. K 20 R. Remove yarn from carriage but do not break off. Thread color B in carriage and K 1 R. COL. *Remove color B from carriage and move carriage to other side of bed. Thread carriage with color A and K 1 R.* Repeat between *'s until there are three stripes of color B. Break off color B. K 1 R color A. With WY threaded onto tapestry needle, remove every third st. K 6 R. Latch up every third st on WY to form rib. BO in backstitch. Do not remove hem. Thread tapestry needle with length of yarn at cast- on edge and weave through loose sts attached to hem. Remove hem. Sew side seam of hat and, using yarn woven through the loose sts, gather sts at the end. Secure. Pompom: Following the instructions in your pattern book for making a pompom, but make the diameter of the circles 2". Hold 1 strand color A and color B when windig. Sew pompom to top of hat. Put hat on snowman. 
With color A, KP #2 and closed edge, CO 22 sts. K 4 R. *Remove color A from carriage but do not break off. Thread carriage with color B and K 2 R. Thread carriage with color A and K 2 R. Thread carriage with color B and K 2 R. Break off color B and thread with color A.* K 120 R Repeat between *'s once. K 4 R. BO across. Fold in half lengthwise and sew seam.
Cut piece of cardboard 3" thick and wind 1 strand color A and strand color B so there 20 wraps. Cut along end and using crochet hook, with 1 strand each color, attach to end of scarf through both thicknesses. Tie scarf around neck. Cut 5 circles of ?" diameter and 7 circles of ?" diameter from black felt. Using photo as guide, glue to snowman to make face and buttons.

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  1. Which keyplate for the body? Says #2 for hat/scarf, but can't find which for body.