Sunday, September 23, 2018

Black & White Fabulous - Vest/Pullover/Skirt Continued 2

Black & White Fabulous continued..
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BACK and FRONT (both alike)
Using MC, CO 78 (82, 86, 90, 96) sts. (RS) Begin St st; work even until piece measures 2 1/2" from beginning, end with a WS row.
Waistband Casing: (RS) Fold casing with WS's facing; * insert needle in next st on LH needle and in corresponding st of CO edge, k2 tog; working each st on needle tog with corresponding st of CO edge, repeat from * across. (WS) Work 1 row even.
Shape Sides
(RS) Inc 1 st each side this row, then every 10 (10, 8, 8, 10) rows 2 times, every 12 (12, 10, 10, 12 rows 2 (2, 3, 3, 2) times—86 (90, 96, 100, 104) sts. Work even until piece measures 34" from the folded casing edge, end with a WS row. Change to 1x1 rib; work even for 1". BO all sts loosely in rib.
FINISHING   Sew side seams, matching stripes if necessary, from hem to beginning of casing. Measure elastic by placing around waist without stretching; cut 1 1/2"to 2" Insert elastic into casing, overlapping ends; sew ends securely together. Sew casing seams. Using tapestry needle, weave in ends. 

BACK and FRONT (both alike)
  1. COR. Using WY, CO 80 (86, 90, 96, 100). K 6 R. Break off. Reset RC=000.
  2. Using MC, k to RC=017.
  3. Waistband Casing: Fold first R of MC up and hang sts on corresponding needles (2 sts on each needle).
  4. K 1 R. Reset RC=000.
  5. Inc 1 st ea side E11R 5 times. 90 (96, 100, 106, 110) sts.
  6. K to RC=206. Reset RC=000.
  7. Lower Edge: K 6 R. Convert to 1x1 rib.
  8. Back stitch BO.

FINISHING   Assembly
Work as for Hand Knitting Version. 

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